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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Pochettino, Champions League Revenue and Scouting Round-Up

Mauriccio Pochettino, UEFA Champions League Revenue and Spurs Scouting Round-Up

Mauricio Pochettino has disappointed all the anti-Levy folk who want to blame someone, by declaring that Tottenham will not buy trophies,we will earn what we win. Proper football values.

"We’re not going to buy trophies, we’re going to deserve trophies. The players are so happy. The worst thing in life is to compare yourself with others.”

Champions League Revenue

Champions League revenue for 2017/18:
Chelsea €65m - £57.4m
Manchester City €63m - £55.63m
Tottenham Hotspur €61m - £53.87m
Liverpool €56m - £49.45m
Manchester United €39m - £34.44m
Celtic €32m - £28.26m

Celtic got 10% of UK TV pool for qualifying for Group Stages.
Manchester United qualified via UEFA Europa League so received no money from the first half of the TV pool money.


Spurs have sent scouts to watch Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) vs Borussia Dortmund in their UEFA Europa League clash tonight say ESTADIO Deportivo.

Stuttgart have made it clear that £30m Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool summer transfer window target 21-year-old (22 on 28 March) Benjamin Pavard will not be leaving the Bundesliga side in the coming months. (Bild)

Tottenham Hotspur and PSG have joined Manchester City in the race to sign Sporting starlet Rafael Leao (Record).

If we have been watching the Sporting Clube de Portugal B 18-year-old (19 in June) forward for a while, which we have, how are we only just joining the race? Always amazes me how things are reported. Were City on their own following the Portugal Under-21 player, or talking to representatives? No. So other teams are not just joining the race, they have been a part of 'the race'.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Spurs Squad Rotation and Loan Players

Spurs Squad Rotation and Loan Players

Cameron Carter-Vickers in action for Ipswich Town against Bolton

A good article on squad rotation and how perhaps Zinedine Zidane got it right last season when Real Madrid not only win LaLiga but retained the UEFA Champions League, the first time this feat had been achieved in the tournament's history in it's current guise.

Chance Analytics

Looking at the Tottenham squad there were 16 players who were relied upon. Mauricio Pochettino has tended to work with a smaller set of players than previous managers in an attempt to keep the players feeling really involved and an important part of the squad, which in turn has the knock-on effect of keeping the players happy.

We saw only one major first team squad member leave on a permanent deal, Kyle Walker, although having bought a replacement we also saw Vincent Janssen leave for a season-long loan deal.

Tottenham Squad Minutes Played 2016/17

Eric Dier 4,092
Christian Eriksen 4,036
Dele Alli 4,013
Victor Wanyama 3,894
Toby Alderweireld 3,325
Kyle Walker 3,169
Harry Kane 3,149
Heung-min Son 2,973
Ben Davies 2,683
Mousa Dembele 2,504
Danny Rose 1,803
Kieran Trippier 1,457
Vincent Janssen 1,355
Moussa Sissoko 1,306
Harry Winks 1,298
Erik Lamela 943

Cameron Carter-Vickers 360
Georges-Kevin N'Koudou 324
Josh Onomah 277
Filip Lesniak 4

This season we have seen the same squad management, the same rotation of the full-backs, when they are all fit. What this season has also shown with Ben Davies and Danny Rose, is that if you are in possession of a place, in other words you are generally the one picked for the bigger games, you don't automatically lose it when the perceived previous first choice becomes available after injury again.

Ben Davies with 14 actually leads Danny Rose (13) on career assists. The Welshman has 5 assists this season, which is the 4th most of any defender in the Premier League. He has also chipped in with 2 goals. Only Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli have created more goals for Spurs this season.

When Davies plays, Spurs have a higher win percentage than when he doesn't. He was bought as a player who had an attacking element in his game, yet was rather more defensive than Rose. We are seeing he has grown in confidence and developed his game to suit us, giving a greater attacking outlet than many might imagine.

If you valued them you's have Rose as the more expensive player. Rose hasn't been the player he was last season, we are only seeing glimpses of it this season. I still wonder whether he is just biding his time until the summer.

Pochettino rewards players, Wanyama hasn't yet claimed back the role that was his last season. Their was press talk of Dier leaving because reporters perceived he might not be happy not being first choice defensive midfielder. Now the show is on the other foot, Dier has the spot and Wanyama has to try and take it off him, the same as Rose has to try and remove Davies.

Those that want to battle are the players you want at your club, they have the right mental approach, those that go into their shell or want out are fair weather players and not players for us long-term.

It isn't possible to get every transfer right and it is only Pochettino who will know if a player is worth persevering with after one season. If their is improvement in them then yes, but someone like Janssen there were big question marks over. We loaned him out and didn't want him back when he was injured it seemed. Latest reports suggest Fenerbache want to keep him another season.

They paid us a £2.25 million loan fee and if you take into account the add-ons on the deal that brought him to the club will not have been triggered with his performances last season, his fee isn't as reported in the press, as they add in add-on fees to a transfer fee.

Do we sell him in the summer, do we loan him out for a similar fee and hope he grows as a player with another season of football?

We are being linked with a centre-back or two in Germany, yet we have Cameron Carter-Vickers making his way at Sheffield United and now Ipswich Town. He has started most Championship games and has 2,110 minutes playing experience under his belt. He has also won his first full international cap for the USA in a friendly against Portugal where he came on as a substitute after 48 minutes.

Carter-Vickers and others will need to assessed pre-season to see were they are at, but in all this development we mustn't lose sight of the fact that we must start winning things.

That makes developing youngsters that much harder. Some supporters want to abandon this youth development, they want players bought, stunting youngsters opportunities. A fine balance has to be trod and that isn't easy.

Right now it's Champions League qualification that matters and we could do with Llorente coming up with the goods again against Swansea in the FA Cup.


Saturday, 10 March 2018

Pro/anti-Levy stance dictates your view on wages and transfers

Pro/anti-Levy Stance Dictates Your View On Transfers

Your Pro/ant Daniel Levy stance, dictates your view on wages and transfers

Does your Pro/anti-Levy stance dictates your view on Spurs transfers?

Last summer Gary Mabbutt said he felt Spurs didn't need to spend big money to improve the Tottenham squad.

Panic driven or agenda driven fans took a different view and saw rivals buying, thus believed Spurs should be matching them, rather than waiting for the right targets at the right price.

No doubt we will get more of the same this summer.

Transfers have to come from revenue generated by the club and the wage bill is restricted by how much it can rise over a season, thus our structure can't just be blown apart as some would irresponsibly wish.

During that time we are left standing while others are moving forward. What's the point of being at the top table if we're not eating.

This almost smacks of wanting Spurs to return to a mid-table broke club with no hope of European football and no hope of winning anything. The 7th richest club in the country has been Newcastle United and look how they are run. Aston Villa, who were finishing above us when Daniel Levy took over, aren't even in the same division.

Chelsea are struggling, Arsenal are struggling, West Ham are struggling, while Tottenham are growing. To maintain a place at the top table you need the infrastructure to generate the income that enables a sustainable presence at the top, which is hat we all want. Wages can't take a jump until income jumps consistently, not just one season. Player contracts are 4 or 5 seasons, the income must be there to afford that, not on the never never.

We now have to start winning trophies as we have grown, but, we are not the finished article yet, we are still growing as a club and still yet to see the income from the new stadium and new commercial opportunities.

Building Spurs is a long-term project, it may not be fast enough for some, but the sensible business approach Daniel Levy has taken has clearly been in our best interests.

Pochettino only recently explained the stadium and the team are growing together. They are linked, one impacts upon the other and the balance he talks about is how much is available for the team and how much for infrastructure to grow income to invest in the team.

“It’s an exciting project but we cannot get ahead of ourselves on one side or another. The balance is so important. The club will be in a very good position in the next few years to start to compete in the last level."

I find it amazing some fans can't understand those simple facts of life. How many times have they told their children money doesn't grow on trees or refused to buy them every toy they want? Why, because the money isn't there. Spurs are no different.

Th income has to be built before you can take a major hike in wages, it has to be coming in, not potentially coming in. This is no time to gamble with a successful future by being impatient now. Spend and don't qualify for the UEFA Champions League and our income goes down, prize money goes down, commercial revenue is more difficult to obtain and that all impacts the wages budget.

Christian Eriksen told the US media last summer that it is only the British who equate spending to success. Therein we see part the problem. If an individual can't see past that, then they limit their thinking and limit the number of solutions they can accept.

Build a young side, play a set system and keep them together so they grow together and improve. Regular readers know where they heard that all outlined years ago. Poch has been talking winning mentality recently too, glad to see him getting on board. LOL.

So far, so good.

We have clearly improved under ENIC and Levy, our league positions show that.

The pro-anti-Levy debate shows why some people need to be employed and told exactly what to do, yet expect the same wages as the guy who builds a business, devises a growth plan and implements it. One has no risk, one has all the risk, yet to some, shouldn't be allowed to reap the rewards.

The words of Hugo Llrois last season.

"A winning mentality is already in this team -- we just need some chances and opportunities, and we have a few before the end of the season. When you have a chance, you have to take it. 
"It's true that at some other clubs, in England, France, Spain, Italy or Germany, they are used to winning a lot of trophies. It was the case 50 years ago, it was the case 20 years ago and it will be the case in a few years. Because they are big institutions and all the players respect those institutions. 
"That's the way to follow, but you cannot arrive one day and say, 'I want to change everything', and then win. You need to take time, build up something strong step-by-step, and you need to live through experiences like last season. 
"Even like this season -- in the Champions League it was a failure but we need to go through this kind of moment to improve. It's a process."

Sustainable success is built and we continue to build towards it. Will the anti-Levy crowd celebrate when we lift a trophy under him? I bet they will.


The author took two coaching course 10 years apart, has studies and seen the impact psychology and mentality has on lives, not just sportsmen and teams.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Salah, not Kane for Real Madrid and Marcus Edwards attitude improvement

Mohamed Salah, not Kane for Real Madrid and Marcus Edwards attitude is improving

Mohamed Salah and not Harry Kane a Real Madrid target this summer

The Norwich Evening News have an update on 19-year-old (20 in December) Tottenham loanee Marcus Edwards.

While fans were calling for his inclusion at Spurs, when clearly he wasn't ready and all the problems of getting him to sign a new contract, presumably because he felt he should be playing at a higher level immediately, Tottenham sent him out on loan to Norwich City in January.

It was hoped that his attitude would improve at the Championship side where he would have to fight for a first team starting berth.

However, his attitude wasn't good and then another injury, he seems to get a few, has meant he hasn't even made his debut yet. In January, Norwich City Head Coach Daniel Farke told Edwards to grow up and the suggestion now is that he has started to heed that advice.

Just as Mousa Dembele had to change his attitude when Mauricio Pochettino left him on the bench for a season, so Edwards has had to change his.

Farke told his local paper:

“Our squad is not too big and at the moment without [German defensive midfielder] Tom Trbyull we have 21 outfield players available. So he is an option. 
“In general, he has improved a lot, in terms of his attitude, but he can still grow up a bit more and also we have to work on strengthening his body to help his endurance and power. 
“The last two weeks he was able to do proper training with us. He is not far away, not an option for this next game [today vs. Nottingham Forest], because it is a bit too early and he has to improve a bit in some topics. 
“At the latest, after the next international break but he might be involved before then.”

If he is starting to change his attitude and appreciate he doesn't have a god given right to a first team spot,then his career will start taking an upward step.

His size has undoubtedly hindered him as he could easily be eased off the ball by a more physical player the last time I saw him. He can't be judged playing against his own age group and that football is basically free from tackling, a bit like a Manchester City Chelsea game!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish publication Dario Gol report that Real Madrid are showing serious interest in signing Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah as part of their summer overhaul.

Philippe Coutinho showed that if one of the major clubs come calling a player wants to leave. We have seen it with Modric and Bale, now it is Liverpool's turn again it seems.

The Spanish rate Salah at £71.59m, which is somewhat cheaper than the £200m that it would cost for Harry Kane. Salah is having a great season, Kane is having his third consecutive great season.

When will the unsettling process start for Liverpool?


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Six of the best, new stadium, coaching, Trippier, NFL...

Six of the best, New Stadium, Coaching, Trippier, NFL...


Six excellent articles well worth a read covering the life of a coach, English players now developing in the Bundesliga, a couple of articles on the new Spurs stadium and one on our tie-up with the NFL, with an article about Kieran Trippier to finish.

Good Reading

A couple of articles to start on coaching, Germany used to develop players who would then come to England, but now there seems to be a trend developing where English players are going abroad to develop their game. It is a welcome trend.

English Players Now Developing in Germany

Inside The Life Of A Coach

For those who read everything on our new stadium, and ahead of our Juventus game, an article from last summer about an Italian company helping the new Spurs stadium build.

Redaelli - Roof, Skywalk and Hanging Restaurant

Another article on the stadium worth a read, especially to those concerned we don't pay the same basic wage as the other top clubs.

Matchday revenue rises from £11m to £50m in the first year

Again on the new Spurs stadium an article about the tie-up with the NFL.

Made for Sharing

An excellent article which is essentially a chat with Kieran Trippier about his poor game against Manchester City, working on the mistakes he made that day and rebuilding his confidence.

ESPN Article: Kieran Trippier


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Monday, 5 March 2018

The Pochettino tactic Juventus didn't handle

UEFA Champions League tie Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus

The Juventus defensive system relies on synchronicity of movement, which Mauricio Pochettino found an effective way to beak down.

Our full-backs were the key this.

Both Ivorian Serge Aurier and Welshman Ben Davies were instructed to hug the touchline as wing-backs when we had the ball. The plan, which worked beautifully, after the panic laden start, was to stretch the Juventus midfield and give us gaps to work with.

The perennial Italian champions had hoped to outnumber us in midfield, but with Federico Bernardeschi and Mario Mandzukic having to stay wide, their all important midfield block was broken.

When we had the ball we waited until we had created space between the defence and the midfield, then Erik Lamela would cut in from wide. Neither Bernardeschi and Mandzukic couldn't follow him, or any of the attacking trio, with our advanced full-back to look out for.

This created a problem.

It caused a central defender to come out  to him and created a hole in the defence we could exploit. Juventus never worked out how to cope with the tactic.

They play a zonal marking system which involves switching markers. Pochettino played on that and it created confusion. When does a man pass over responsibility to another marker?

Unless the two are on the same wavelength, the player could be left, two could end up marking one or holes in either position created. Players have to constantly be making decisions and the more decisions you make an opposition to make the more mistakes are going to occur.

After an initial burst from them, which we should have handled better, Spurs basically controlled the game and were the dominant force in the second half.

Juventus struggled to counter our aggressive pressing in their own half and we continually won the ball back, leaving Juventus out of shape and vulnerable to a quick attack.

Our first goal came as a direct result of this.

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri, who was linked with us before Pochettino arrived, said at the post-match press conference:

“Football is strange, you can go from a possible 3-0 to 2-1, a possible 3-1 to 2-2. I think we all knew how complicated this would be. Now it’ll be like a Final in London. 
“Apart from Gigi Buffon’s save on Harry Kane, Tottenham didn’t have any real chances. In the second half we changed a few things and overall played a good game. 
“We conceded the first goal playing out of defence, the second on a free kick. Football gives and it takes away, but I don’t think there’s any need to get depressed. 
“If someone thought Juve could win this 4-0, then they were way off track. Perhaps reaching two Finals in three years was damaging to some people. 
“Who didn’t play is irrelevant. The team put in a good performance, we took the lead and in the second half were more dangerous than them. Tottenham played very well and when we go to London, they’ll be under more pressure than us. 
“They were surprised by our start and had to do something to react. We were pinned back because our wingers were too deep. It’s a pity, we’ll just have to fight for our qualification in London. 
“I didn’t ask the team to go deep, more than anything else we were pushed back by Tottenham. After that 25-minute spell when they pinned us back, we couldn’t get back out.”

That reminds us that Italians take great pride in defending. Stopping the opposition from having chances is a positive, it's like scoring a goal. It is part of the Italian psyche.

Allegri is right, Wembley is now a final and Juventus are far more used to playing in them than we are, they are far more used to top level European football than we are.

There is no doubt the Italians under estimated us and that won't be the case in the second leg. Getting a result away from home means nothing if we don't finish the job off in London. It could almost be classed as the easy part of the tie!

Opposition Facts

  • This is the first official match at Wembley for Juventus.
  • The Bianconeri have won 12 of their 23 official matches played in England, drawing three and losing eight.


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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Spurs target Sessegnon has better stats than Dele Alli

17-year-old Sessegnon has better stats than Dele Alli


17-year-old Spurs target Ryan Sessegnon has better stats than Dele Alli

Long-term Tottenham target Ryan Sessegnon has made a very impressive start to his professional career and his value has shot up.

I think Tottenham target Ryan Sessegnon can safely be called a prodigy, just look at some of his stats and remember at 17, he is not 18 until 18th May, he can't even legally buy himself a beer.

Ryan Sessegnon Statistics

Ryan Sessegnon (Fulham) v Dele Alli (MK Dons) over their 1st 6️⃣0️⃣ league apps in the SkyBet Championship and SkyBet League One.

Ryan Sessegnon for Fulham

Football League debut aged 16
6️⃣0️⃣ Appearances
1️⃣9️⃣ Goals

All in the SkyBet Championship

Dele Alli for MK Dons

Football League debut aged 16
6️⃣0️⃣ Appearances
1️⃣8️⃣ Goals

All in SkyBet League One

Ryan Sessegnon has now been involved in 12 goals in his last 12 Football League appearances for Fulham (10 goals, 2 assists). In his last 10 games, he has scored 9 goals.

No player has scored more goals in the English Football League in 2018 than Ryan Sessegnon (9).

Dele Alli cost us an initial fee of £5 million, which was, quite frankly, in hindsight, a steal, although there are add-ons which we don't know about and will be over the term of his initial  five-and-a-half-year deal,so we don't actually know the full fee we will end up paying for him.

Ryan Sessegnon is the outstanding player in the SkyBet Championship and reportedly wants to sign for Tottenham. There are whispers of a deal having already been agreed and that is rather substantiated by the fact that there is very little transfer talk of him being linked with any other club.

Yes clubs are watching him and all the top clubs (Tottenham, Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea) still hope to sign him, but it is all rather quite surrounding a special player. For us older guys to hear him say Luke Shaw was his idol growing up rather ages you.

"When I was younger I had two players - Luke Shaw and Gareth Bale. When Shaw was at Southampton he was a left-back and I loved watching him bomb up and down the wing and create goals. So I try to emulate that. Gareth Bale same thing really."

He scooping a London Football Award double. The Fulham left-back, left midfield, lft wing-back or left winger won the Young Player Of the Year award, which our own Davinson Sanchez and Harry Winks were up for, and the EFL Player of the Year Award.

Let's hope the player dubbed Gareth Bale Mk II does follow in his footsteps and signs for Tottenham, where he knows he'll have a manager who promotes youth and doesn't leave it sitting on the bench or in Development teams, like Man City or Chelsea for instance.


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Friday, 2 March 2018

The UEFA Champions League Chase - Who has the easiest run-in?

The UEFA Champions League chase, how tough is your teams run-in based on home and away form and league position of opposition?

The UEFA Champions League Chase

There are 10 games left and it is tight at the top, apart from the runaway title success of Manchester City, so who, chasing the remaining three UEFA Champions League places, has the easiest run-in?

First a look at the Premier League table as it stands now.

The UEFA Champions League Chase - Premier League Standings

OK, now a look at the remaining fixtures for Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, the four teams chasing three UEFA Champions League places. First the fixtures, then the current league positions and then the league position on their form home or away, wherever the game is being played to help gauge difficulty.

For any Arsenal fans wondering where there side is, well, you're not in the race are you.

Manchester United Fixtures

59 Points
Still in the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League

Crystal Palace (a) - currently 17th (16th at home)
Liverpool (h) - currently 3rd (2nd away)
West Ham United (a) - currently 13th (11th at home) (date yet to be arranged)
Swansea City (h) - currently 19th (16th away)
Manchester City (a) - currently 1st (1st at home)
WBA (h) - currently 20th (19th away)
Bournemouth (a) - currently 11th (10th at home)
Arsenal (h) - currently 7th (9th away)
Brighton & Hove Albion (a) - currently 12th (9th at home)
Watford (h) - currently 10th (7th away)

Liverpool Fixtures

57 Points
Still in the UEFA Champions League

Newcastle United (h) - currently 15th (10th away)
Manchester United (a) - currently 2nd (2nd at home)
Watford (h) - currently 10th (7th away)
Crystal Palace (a) - currently 17th (16th at home)
Everton (a) - currently 9th (7th at home)
Bournemouth (h) - currently 11th (11th away)
WBA (a) - currently 20th (20th at home)
Stoke City (h) - currently 19th (20th away)
Chelsea (a) - currently 5th (6th at home)
Brighton & Hove Albion (h) - currently 12th (15th away)

Tottenham Hotspur Fixtures

55 Points
Still in the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League

Huddersfield Town (h) - currently 14th (14th away)
Bournemouth (a) - currently 11th (10th at home)
Newcastle United (h) - currently 15th (10th away) (date yet to be arranged)
Chelsea (a) - currently 5th (6th at home)
Stoke City (a) - currently 19th (14th at home)
Manchester City (h) - currently 1st (1st away)
Brighton & Hove Albion (a) - currently 12th (9th at home)
Watford (h) - currently 10th (7th away)
WBA (a) - currently 20th (20th at home)
Leicester City (h) - currently 8th (8th away)

Chelsea Fixtures

53 Points
Still in the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League

Manchester City (a) - currently 1st (1st at home)
Crystal Palace (h) - currently 17th (16th away)
Burnley (a) - currently 7th (6th at home)
Tottenham Hotspur (h) - currently 4th (4th away)
West Ham United (h) - currently 13th (11th awaay)
Southampton (a) - currently 16th (19th at home)
Huddersfield Town (h) - currently 14th (15th away)
Swansea City (a) - currently 18th (16th at home)
Liverpool (h) - currently 3rd (5th away)
Newcastle United (a) - currently 15th (10th at home)

That is the run-in for the UEFA Champions League slots for next season. Both Spurs and Manchester United have a fixture still to arrange so it looks as if we may be having three away games on the trot.

Adding up the Premier League positions gives us comparable figures and adding the home or away form figures also gives a comparable number. The higher the number, the easier the run-in.

  • Manchester United 115 - 100
  • Liverpool 120 - 114
  • Tottenham Hotspur 120 - 99
  • Chelsea 108 - 103

Liverpool and Spurs would appear to have the easiest run in on Premier League positions, but when you take into account the home or away form (over the season) of the opposition on their own patch or away from home, we get a different picture.

Liverpool still have the easiest run-in, but Spurs now have the hardest.

Next I'll add up the Premier League positions for the home and away games to play to have an easy reference of difficulty. Again, the higher the number, the easier the run-in.

  • Manchester United H 53 - A 47
  • Liverpool H 63 - A 51
  • Tottenham Hotspur H 40 - A 59
  • Chelsea H 51 - A 52

  • Manchester United - A 47
  • Liverpool - A 51
  • Tottenham Hotspur - A 59
  • Chelsea - A 52

These figures tell us that Spurs have the hardest set of home fixtures remaining and the easiest set of away fixtures, whereas Liverpool have the easiest home fixtures and Manchester United the hardest away fixtures.

Do your calculations and determine where you think everyone will finish. If your mates have all seen the fixtures, it's a good one to discuss down the pub. if not then you'll be armed with more knowledge than they have at their disposal.

Chelsea have three games against the top four (Manchester City, Tottenham Horspur, Liverpool), Spurs two games against the top five (Chelsea, Manchester City), Liverpool two games against the top five (Manchester United, Chelsea) and Manchester United also have two games against the top 4 (Liverpool, Manchester City).

You are welcome to link to the post on Facebook, Twitter etc.


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Thursday, 1 March 2018

FA employee responsible for implementation of VAR should be sacked

The FA employee responsible for the implementation of VAR should be sacked

FA-employee-responsible for VAR-should-be-sacked
The FA employee should be sacked after the VAR farce in the Tottenham vs Rochdale game

The VAR system was an absolute farce last night in the Tottenham Hotspur verses Rochdale FA Cup tie and that is done to the FA employee responsible for implementing it.

I find it utterly incredible that the rulers of our game don't seem to have taken notice of other sports who use a video replay system.

The shambolic use of it last night, to not only get the wrong decisions, but take so long in doing so is totally unacceptable and, quite frankly, with proper management, should never have happened in the first place.

Look at rugby. The system isn't used unless the referee asks for it, that's the first thing. often, the referee will ask to look at a specific element in the build up to a try. Again here you are still ensuring the referee has control, you are not taking his authority away, as happened last night.

Cricket overuses replays now, giving teams too many chances to question an umpires (referees) decision and for the wrong reasons. Teams now do it as a tactic, not because they genuinely believe an incorrect decision has been made. In cricket you should have to state why you want a decision reviewed and only that aspect should then be reviewed.

The players have to make a clear signal, a 'T' to cal, for a review, a message on the screen informs the crowd and then everyone views it. The decision stays with the on-field umpire unless there is CLEAR evidence of a mistake, otherwise you uphold the authority of the umpire, even if his decision is borderline.

For instance, for a replay, more than half the ball has to be hitting a stump, or would have hit a stump using prediction software, for a decision to change. If less that half of the ball would have hit then, even though the umpire is technically wrong, his decision still stands,as with possible errors it is deemed not clear cut.

Look at the first goal last night. The Rochdale player had Llorente's shirt, he aimed a kick at Llorente and dived to the floor. You can not give a decision against Llorente for holding, if the other guy is doing so too. There is no clear foul by either player, it is six of one and half a dozen of another. There was no foul by either anyway, otherwise you are going to have to stop the game every five seconds for a foul.

The referee is rugby will often talk to the replay referee, but the crowd can hear what he says. There is no reason a referee can not watch a replay on a big screen and make the decision himself or in conjunction with a replay referee. BUT, and this is important, the on-field referee MUST have the last say on all decisions. otherwise you take away his authority.

VAR is to enhance refereeing, not take decisions away from an on-field umpire and give control of the game to a referee watching a screen.

All of this should have been discussed and agreed at management level before it was implemented and then the referees trained in it's use, clearly they have not had sufficient training, if any.

The lessons of other sports have not been heeded and they have tried to keep secrecy between the officials, obviously because officials make so many wrong decisions that they don't want to undermine them, yet that's exactly what the VAR did last night.

Whoever is in charge of the implementation of VAR at the FA should be sacked, as they are incompetent. Any half decent manager in the business world could have put a better system into place with this technology.

It demonstrates once again how so out of touch the FA actually are, it's an old boys network, a job for life, Gordon Taylor for instance should have been sacked. You can't tell players not to gamble and penalise them when they do if one of your own is running up huge gambling debts. It shoves two fingers up to the fans.

With VAR, the FA have once again shown they are clueless and couldn't care less about fans.


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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

ICC pre-season offer, 4 Youngsters Tipped For The Top, Inter Milan want Sandro, Spurs not doing badly

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International Champions Trophy, 4 Youngsters Tipped For The Top, Inter Milan want Sandro, Italy boss, Some Fans Need To Get A Grip



Tottenham have been invited, once again, to take part in the International Champions Trophy. Our performances in the UEFA Champions League  where we beat Real Madrid, beat Borussia Dortmund and drew away to Juventus continue to help raise our profile and pre-season tournaments like this, again do likewise.

Mauricio Pochettino will of course be consulted on the best way to prepare for the new season while understanding financial considerations and marketing the Tottenham brand worldwide to increase the future fanbase, also has a bearing on any decisions.


The Daily Mirror have produced a piece about six youngsters to watch and four of them are Tottenham players, mind you their picture of 6 players has 7 in it!

  • Sashon Aird-Munn, 15, Tottenham, forward
  • Zanda Siziba, 14, Tottenham, winger
  • Max Robson, 15, Tottenham, midfielder
  • Marqes Murr, 15, Tottenham, centre-back


Inter Milan are weighing up summer bid for 28-year-old (29 in March) former Tottenham Hotspur fan favourite, defensive midfielder Sandro, according to Italian newspaper Tuttosport.

The Brazilian plays for fellow Italian side Benevento, who he joined in January on loan from Turkish side Antalyaspor. He is under contract until 2020 (although Transfermarkt suggest his contract ends this summer) and Benevento have a purchase option on him at the end of the season. So far he has played 5 games in Serie A, scoring 1 goal.

Inter Milan have to be very wary of their Financial Fair Play situation and are looking round at cheap options. That would rather rule out a move for Erik Lamela, a player they have been linked with every window for 3 years now.


Chelsea could be losing their manager this summer even if he isn't sacked. Alessandro Costacurta has been appointed as a sub-commissioner of the Italian FA to aid their search for a new boss

"We will appoint the new Italy coach by June. Conte, Mancini or Di Biagio? These are the names, it won't be anyone else," report AS in Spain.

In the UK he is qioted as having told Gazzetta dello Sport; “I've not decided yet, but I think that the person who could do the best job would be Conte.

“I'll definitely speak to him in a few months' time. Conte has already shown that he knows how to be Italy coach, as we saw at the European Championships, whereas the others haven't.”


Motivation The Issue Tonight vs Rochdale


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